Wednesday, 10 June 2015


The PROSPORT® Rotor is K-Rain’s next generation of professional rotor, designed specifically for sports turf applications. The PROSPORT®comes standard with a unique triple nozzle. The triple nozzle configuration consists of a primary nozzle for long distance and two secondary nozzles for mid-range and short distance coverage. This nozzle design provides even water distribution from 45 to 77 feet.  

PROSPORT® comes in a high speed version, ideal for quick wet downs and dust control. Available in plastic or the ever popular stainless steel, this product comes with six color-coded nozzles.
PROSPORT®  ROTOR SPRINKLERPro Sport Rotary Sprinkler and Nozzles


  • Revolutionary Patented Easy Arc Set – Simplified arc set allows for wet or dry adjustment in seconds.

  • Triple Nozzle Configuration-Ensures even distribution of water.

  • 2N1 Adjustable or Continuous Rotation-Provides a full range of adjustment from 40 degrees to a continuous full circle.

  • Patented Arc Set Degree Markings-Clearly indicates the current watering pattern and simplifies arc set adjustment.

  • Arc Memory Clutch-Prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting automatically if nozzle turret is forced past its stop.

  • Time proven Patented Reversing Mechanism-Assures continuous reverse and return..over a 20 year history.

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Cover-Seals out dirt and increases product durability.

  • Rubber Mud Guard-Allows sprinkler to be installed below grade.

  • Wide Selection of  Nozzles- Six color coded nozzles included, providing flexibility in system design.

  • Factory Installed Check Valve – Prevents low head drainage.


  • Inlet -1”” Female Threaded NPT Domestic and 1” Female BSP International

  • Arc Adjustment Range -  40 to continuous 360 degrees

  • Flow Range – 5.9 to 32.5 GPM

  • Pressure Rating – 40 to 90 PSI

  • Precipitation Rate - .3 to .78 Inches Per Hour (Depending on Spacing and Nozzle)

  • Overall Height (Popped Down) -  9 ½  ”

  • Recommended Spacing – 40’ to 65’

  • Radius – 45’ to 77’

  • Nozzle Trajectory – 26 degrees

  • Riser Height – 4”


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